Callaway Crabapple

The deciduous Callaway Crabapple tree reaches 15 to 25 feet in height and forms a rounded canopy. This Crabapple is often recommended for use in southern gardens due to its high disease-resistance and its low chilling requirement for flower production. The beautiful, single flowers start out as soft, pink buds then open in early April into 1 to 1.5-inch-diameter white blossoms. The small but highly ornamental, persistent fruits which follow are deep red and held on the tree until devoured by birds and other wildlife.


Light Needs:
Full Sun

Watering Needs:
Watered weekly especially in extreme heat

Average Landscape Size:
Height: 15 to 25 feet,Spread: 15 to 25 feet

Key Feature:

White flower

Landscape Uses:
Attract birds, along street/property line


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