Bur Oak

bur oak is a majestic tree of all tall-grass prairie that once covered central North America. It grows best in deep limestone soils of riverbanks and valleys but it will adapt to many different environments. It has a long taproot which makes it hard to transplant but also very drought-tolerant.  It is also fast growing and long-lived. But Oak is noted for its very large leaves and acorns:  the leaves are from one-half to one foot long, and acorns can be as large as 2 inches long and wide, enclosed in a cup with fringe on the edge. It casts deep shade


Light Needs:
Full Sun

Watering Needs:
Needs regular watering – weekly, or more often in extreme heat

Average Landscape Size:
Mature Height: 70-80 feet,Mature Width: 70-80 feet

Key Feature:


Landscape Uses:
Attract birds, Shade, along street


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